Look at these gorgeous clothbound editions from Penguin…

Pride & Prejudice didn’t fall into the above grouping of classics, but it too is lovely.

And this funky, Edward Gorey style edition…love it!

And who would have imagined our beloved P&P as a graphic novel??

I’m starting my Christmas list…

Posted in PandP, Penguin on 09/14/2009 01:41 am


  1. I've been looking for a nicer edition of Little Women but that was my least favorite cover of the bunch. Scissors? Really? Still, I want the entire row of books.

  2. Kate Diamond

    Ooh! I really like the graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice. Who puts out that edition?

  3. Pretty, but I'm not sure what pink flamingos have to do with Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    I wondered about the flamingos too…

    And Kate, here's the link

  5. Keri Mikulski

    Love the clothbound editions. 😉 Nice

  6. Stephanie J

    Can I copy your Christmas list?

  7. You Are My Fave

    Those Penguin classics will be gracing my bookshelves even if I have to wait for Christmas.

  8. Melanie's Randomness

    The Edward Gorey one is fantastic!!

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