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That little snip of pineapple geranium in the picture from my last post is still thriving on my kitchen counter in a tumbler of water. I’m kind of hoping it hangs on, maybe sprouts a few roots, so I can plant it in my backyard and grow a pretty, aromatic plant of my very own. The tomatoes still linger and my mom encouraged me to try a simple tomato sandwich. I did last night, on sour dough bread, with a smear of that new olive oil mayo–very yummy.

I spent the week co-running the ‘Snack Shack’ at our church’s vacation bible school, whipping up snacks for some 175 kids. I will be glad to be through with that. Other things of interest in my life…I just finished reading the book I will be rave-reviewing for Barrie Summy’s Book Review Club next week. It’s weird how one book a month seems to float to the top just in time for its review. It’s…perfect. And, I made my coconut cream pie–it’s chilling in the fridge right now and it looks *yummy*. A picture is forthcoming…

Meanwhile, it’s been thundering for the past half hour, the house has darkened, and just a moment ago I heard a few sprinkles hitting the kitchen skylight. If it rains, it will be the first time that’s happened in the entire month of June. We need a break from the unrelenting temperatures and sheer brightness. An afternoon thunderstorm sounds simply divine.

Lately my Internet meandering has led me to various wedding, photography, and party planning sites, and I am AMAZED at all the possibilities for weddings these days. When my husband and I got engaged, we lived in Austin, but (and I’m not sure why) we decided to have the wedding in Houston. As I think of it now, it doesn’t even really make sense to me. And that’s about right–I was barely involved in my own wedding planning. I was out of town, and my MIL handled a lot of it. And then our reception site burned down and it didn’t even phase me. We got it all done and on a tiny little budget, but I don’t remember the ceremony or the reception having any kind of personality.

That’s had me thinking that I wish I had a chance to plan my own wedding again. But that’s not gonna happen, so I started thinking that I could plan a really fun party or picnic or get-together. But that’s not really my thing. And then I realized I’d really just rather be invited to one of those really cool parties and keep on with my blog surfing. And so we’ve come full circle.

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  1. I love a tomato sandwich. Slap a little bacon on there and you've got some extra yum. Unless you're a vegetarian in which case you are now appalled.

  2. Stephanie J

    Yummmmmm. This goes down under the list of things I should not read about when I'm starving! Glad to hear the olive oil mayo is good. I love me some mayo.

    Wedding blogs… have you checked out Snippet & Ink? It's really fantastic with a bunch of fun inspiration boards. I find so many ideas for my apartment, for parties, etc.

  3. Keri Mikulski

    Yummy! 😉

  4. People always make fun of me while I insist that a tomato sandwich is actually proper food and not just something I made up.

  5. Mmm…I agree with Eileen, if you're not a vegetarian, a BLT makes for a fantastic lunch.

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