Austin Antics

Saw this on Eileen’s blog

Evidently this past January, a posse of somewhat talented goofballs in Austin hacked into the computers controlling roadside traffic signs to display their own zombie warning messages. Click on the link to see pictures. In my opinion, this falls into the category of ‘Slightly Amusing but Not Worth Nearly the Effort it Must Have Required.” Sort of like this.

My favorite part of the article:
No zombies were actually sighted. The most obvious problem seemed to be rubber-necking drivers slowing down to photograph the fright-fest warnings.”

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  1. Mary Danielson

    Ha! And that is why I love my city. I'm with you though, Alyssa, it's funny for us drivers, but couldn't be worth all they went through to pull the prank off.

  2. Oh man, that's amazing. I have a friend who is obsessed with zombies. He loves zombie movies, and zombie books — like the Zombie Survival Guide — and so would absolutely love this. Thanks for the link!!

  3. I saw this story & thought maybe I should move to Texas..

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