Good Mother’s Day Memories

I hope all the moms had a lovely Mother’s Day! Mine was very nice. I had the school-made gifts from both my boys–a painted tile to use as a coaster from the younger and a iron-bead magnet creation from the older. The older also wrote a poem and the younger a letter. I’m including it in its entirety here:

Dear Mom, you are the best Mom I’ve ever had and you will allways be my faverot mom forever! I never want you to die or else all cry. I allways want you with me. If you are not with me I would be crying and I would be very very sad and mad. I would be nothing without you.

On the back is a picture of me singing, “Sunshine, sunshine” while a lizard snaps a fly off my leg with his tongue. Love it.

I got my store-bought present right before church. It was presented to me in a red Foley’s box, which makes me think I need to clean out my gifting supplies as we’ve not had a Foley’s in these parts in probably five years. Inside was a pink polka-dot shortie bathrobe, two Target gift cards (one each from my boys), and a pretty little wrapped package from Lavish, an Aveda spa near my house. Unwrapping produced a gift card and the prettily typed information that it was good for a manicure, pedicure, and a Brazilian. My eyes practically bugged out of my head, because there was no way–NO WAY–that I would be cashing that last part in. And besides, what sort of Mother’s Day gift is that? I glance up at my husband (likely panic in my eyes), and he’s giggling delightedly. Apparently he typed the info onto the Lavish card just to freak me out.

Loveable dork.

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  1. Love the letter. :)

    As for the last part of the gift card…I’m with you! LOL

  2. LOL lol lol..your husband sounds like mine!!!lol

  3. all I have to say is owwie.

  4. Loveable dork, indeed.

  5. Keri Mikulski

    Love it!! :)

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Your husband sounds like a hoot:) That is a great Mother’s Day gift, indeed.

  7. Miss Chevious

    well see…at least you knew what a brazilian was. i asked for one once because i’d heard people reference them without actually knowing what it was…pain. mind-numbing pain.

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