Final Days…

Huzzah! Hooray! Yesterday was the last day of Mother’s Day Out–I am officially retired from that line of work! And whew!–what a relief! There were no regrets or tearful goodbyes. I very nearly cheered them on their way. My husband asked me what I’d be doing with all my extra free time. Evidently he considers three days a lot of extra free time. Because I have exactly two Tuesdays and one Thursday now blissfully free before the boys are home for the summer. In total I have only eight and half more days before school’s out.

And then we launch into the great summer reading programs at our local libraries and the chance to get a free book at Barnes & Noble. Isn’t this a cool poster??

Doesn’t it just make you think of picnics, tubing, and ice cold dips in the creek? So far, I don’t have any plans for any of those activities this summer, but I’m going to try to work some of them in. I also want to experiment with new homemade ice cream flavors, homemade bread, and maybe some icebox pies. (There are plenty of baking recipes I want to try, but in the summer, I try to keep the oven off as much as possible). And, of course, there will be the annual summer trip to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory in Brenham. I’ve just recently discovered a (relatively) new flavor, and it’s carton as almost as delectable looking as the ice cream is to eat. Pinapple, strawberry swirl, and pecans??? Heaven!

Photo borrowed from here.

What do you have planned for the summer? Any good reads? Project recommendations? Ice cream flavors I simply MUST try?? Do tell…

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  1. Good read…Bunco Babes Tell All by Maria Geraci. Next up for me is Jessica Trapp’s latest, The Pleasures of Sin. I’ve read her before and fully expect to love it.

    That’s all I’ve got…for now.

    Enjoy all your newfound free time. :)

  2. Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome summer! Lots of ice cream sounds like a perfect summer treat to me. Delish!

  3. I miss summer reading programs, I always got tons of sparkly pencils that way.

  4. Kate Diamond

    You are making me WAY too hungry, and I am resolved to only eat fruits and vegetables this week!

    Ice cream… sounds so good…

  5. Keri Mikulski


    I’m writing the SCREWBALL prequel, teaching a Teen’s Writers Workshop for our local library, teaching a summer class for the college, embarking on my CHANGE UP softball tournament book tour, and hanging out with family and friends here at the Jersey shore. Love summer. :)

  6. Miss Chevious

    i LOVED summer reading programs! that poster is so pretty!

  7. mmm.I have never met an ice cream I didnt like. Blue bell is the bomb!

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