Project Spring Chicken

The spring chicken experiment has been concluded, and I suppose you could say it was a success. We certainly gave it our best shot, but we are not–either of us–Bakerella. And our ingredients left a little something to be desired. Excuses, excuses, I know. That said, we had great fun making the little chicks and a few super-cute bunnies. And everyone I know that tried one thought they were delicious. But they’re kind of labor intensive–hopefully part of that is our beginner status. I think I will definitely give these another shot.

So…some pictures. And yes, I know, I know, I need to figure out how to better use my camera. Or Photoshop. Or maybe I should get a new camera altogether.
Remember, we are comparing them to Bakerella’s. (They don’t even look close, do they?)

And my favorite pic was the one my cake-pop partner insisted we shoot–the posed, outside grass shot of the bunny. (Behind the scenes info: she rearranged grass blades for this photo, accidently plunged the stick through the poor little bunny’s head, and knocked off a eyeball.) The two of us were laughing hysterically over a walnut-sized ball of cake jammed into the grass, and I was shaking so hard I obviously had trouble focusing. These are the scrapbook moments, people!

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  1. so cute! I’ll consider myself domestic if I make it to the store to buy Easter candy.

  2. Stephanie J

    Super cute! I love how they turned out! The one in the grass is cracking me up… the no eye thing makes him appear to be winking at us or something. Mmm Easter candy. Must go eat.

  3. more salt please

    Came here via mollyorangette‘s twitter. Looks like you’re being reposted (

  4. I’m impressed.

    The shot of the bunny in the grass is freaking BRILLIANT

  5. They are ADORABLE!

  6. Angie and Brian

    Your baking partner sounds like one cool chick!

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Oh she totally is! :)

  8. I want a baking partner.
    And the one-eyed bunny in the grass? I LOVE HIM.

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