A wild and crazy bunch of Nemos

My first day back from a (rather) relaxing trip to Savannah, where evidently Paula Deen reigns as the resident Queen Bee, I was thrown back into the fray as my Mother’s Day Out class–the overly precocious two-year-olds–performed for their parents and grandparents at the annual Spring Show.

The theme this year was Under the Sea, and the entire class wore orange t-shirts, painted with white stripes edged it black, and visors with shimmery sequins and gigantic googly eyes. We were a school of clown fish. How very apropo.

The little crew was adorable, and thankfully there were only a couple of quirks in the works. One little boy slid off the stage (on purpose), went limp when I tried to lift him back up, and insisted on going to his mom and dad in the audience. A little girl started yanking at her jeans during The Lord’s Army, audibly complaining, “My pants are falling down!” And lastly, and my personal favorite, one particularly trying little chickadee jammed her finger up her nose, retrieved something, tried wiping it on the stage, and then, reconsidering, decided to eat her catch instead.

But all in all, the Lord’s little army was very, very cute. And I was forced to wear a Flounder (think The Little Mermaid) hat from Disney on Ice. Yes, I looked ridiculous, and I’m truly hoping there are no pictures.

But now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over. *S-I-G-H* Whew! That felt good.

Tomorrow begins the Special K diet…

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  1. Keri Mikulski

    Sounds like fun!! 😉 Too cute.

  2. I’m sure your Flounder hat was charming.

  3. I demand pictures…please.

  4. Kate Diamond

    I’m with Sarakastic, hoping against hope for some photographic evidence of Flounder Hat.


  6. I love to see shows of kids that age. Always expect the unexpected. Would love to see pictures.

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