Sadly, the passion is simply not there!

Okay get yourselves recalibrated, people. I’m talking about an agent here. I just got her response back on my full manuscript today, and I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. So you can join me in my pity party!

The bad news is she didn’t have the passion she would need to represent my book. But the good news is that she loved the premise, thought I had a great sense of humor and an ‘enjoyably quirky writing style’. That’s good, right?

She even went so far as to say that she was sure another agent or editor would feel differently–about the passion. How sweet is that?!

I really had high hopes for her (and me!)–I felt a good connection with her based on my online research, and in our coorespondence she has been lovely, responsive, and encouraging. Even in rejecting me, she did it with style.


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  1. Stephanie J

    But that’s so encouraging! This just leaves excitement for what’s to come! :) I know it’ll happen soon and I can’t wait to hear the story!!!

  2. That’s both encouraging and discouraging at the same time, isn’t it? I’m sorry to hear it, but I believe in your talent and know that the perfect agent is out there.

  3. It does sound like a lovely response, but a continued agent search is not fun. Best of luck!

  4. You will find the right agent. It just is going to take a little longer than you hoped. Good luck!

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    Thank you all sooo much for your kind words–it is so nice to have all of you at the pity party! :)

  6. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with this agent. But when it does work out….you’ll be so happy!

  7. Gah. Hate the rejection. If one does have to be rejected- she had great things to say. The right one is out there. Hang on.

  8. *Sigh* I’m so sorry, Alyssa. But it sounds like you’ve got a good attitude about it. And you know what? She’s right. There are so many wonderful agents out there, that you’re bound to find someone who loves your book with the passion it deserves. Just look at how many popular books there are that you haven’t enjoyed – yet lots of people must have, or the books wouldn’t be so popular. It’s just a matter of taste. And, of course, it’s better than if she’d taken you on without being truly in love with your book. The agent you’ll finally have will really be able to do it the justice it deserves.

    Good luck!

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