The Hula Girls

I stumbled over this movie at the library and watched half of it yesterday and half today, all if it reading the closed captioning being that the movie was filmed in Japan. It is the charming, triumphant story of a bunch of shy coal-miners daughters who decide to learn to hula dance in an effort to earn money while the coal mine that employs their parents begins to let people go. The plan is that the Hula Girls will eventually perform at the brand-new Joban Hawaiian Center in northeastern Japan, a place where it’s always warm.

I found it funny, heartwarming, touching, and very uplifting. And the hula performance at the very end was very, very impressive. So…if you can deal with subtitles, I highly recommend it. The cinematography is beautiful. And I love the movie poster. There’s also a bonus feature of interest: How to be a Hula Dancer. I have to admit, I didn’t watch it. Maybe if I could practice in one of those outfits…

Oh! And I forgot to mention…this is based on a true story.

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  1. Keri Mikulski

    Don’t you just love finding great stuff at the library? It’s like a treasure hunt. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am totally fine with subtitles. I’ll add this to my Netflix cue. thanks!

  3. I’ll have to add this to my hold list at the library. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And I’d so hula dance :)

  5. I’ll have to check it out

  6. Caryn Caldwell

    That looks really good! As for subtitles, they’re no problem for me. Even with movies in English, I’ll often turn them on if the actors are unclear.

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