Quoteable Quotes

I am hearing a lot of good quotes on TV lately.
Tonight’s (from The Big Bang Theory, which is a little cliched, but a LOT funny) was ‘I’ve trancended the situation.’ Love that. It’s a great way to say, ‘I’ve washed my hands of you bozos and done it in a very uppercrust way.’ You would not believe how often I have cause to use such a quote.

Friday night, there was a Psych quote that was perfect for me, but now I can’t remember it exactly. Something to the effect of, ‘You’re a very strange person, but oddly effective.’ Sums me right up.

I think I need to keep a journal. I only have like five blank ones, just waiting for material like this…

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  1. It’s so funny you should mention writing down interesting quotations. I was just thinking the same thing the other days. Of course, I didn’t even have paper with me….

  2. I have a journal that I keep quotes in. Oddly enough, my selections are not close to any quote book you would ever find in a book store.

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