Never in a million years…

I finally got around to doing my Christmas returns at the mall yesterday, and as I was making the rounds, I noticed a new cart had made an appearance. It was dedicated to ‘Eyebrow Shaping’, and I couldn’t help but do a double, triple, and then quadruple-take. The sign showed pairs of eyebrows displayed in Before (relatively normal) and After (oddly geometric) shapes. But that wasn’t even close to the most interesting part. There was actually a woman getting her eyebrows shaped!! She was a rather large women, sitting completely reclined in a barber’s type chair IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL! As she sat there, the lady that worked at the cart was using what appeared to be dental floss to nudge and prod her brows into submission. I didn’t stop to gawk, but I have to admit, my pace slowed in curiosity. I wasn’t the only one either. Two other people who didn’t appear to know the woman getting ‘shaped’ had also stopped and were taking in the Eyebrow Shaping Show.

This just seems odd to me. We already have the massage guys and the guys that want to rub you with lotion or put a daddy-longlegs-looking contraption on your head. What’s next? Getting waxed at the mall? I envision serious rubber-necking problems.

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  1. I can’t imagine going to just anyone in the mall to get my eyebrows done. Especially into some strange shape.

  2. It’s weird to see threading taking ahold of mall carts! I think I saw this in a mall I was in.

  3. Caryn Caldwell

    That’s hilarious. I admit I could use a good tweezing, but shaping? Like, into shapes beyond the norm? No way. As for the water massages at the mall, they give me the creeps every time. They’re a claustrophobe’s nightmare. All I can picture is the water bursting or getting stuck in that stupid machine. **shudder**

  4. Keri Mikulski

    :) That’s interesting. But, I’ve heard eyebrows are very important. Like the frame of your face or something. :)

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