Two Books to Look Out for THIS MONTH!!

This month, already being the festive, jam-packed season for shopping, parties, eating, and decorating, is also the release month for the books of two sometimes commenters on this very blog!

Barrie Summy’s debut novel (technically for tweens), I So Don’t Do Mysteries, is coming out on Tuesday, December 9th and Eileen Cook’s second novel, this one for young adults, What Would Emma D0? is coming out at the tail end of this month (on my anniversary in fact). I’m very excited for both of these very funny chicks and for all of us as readers.

I So Don’t Do Mysteries is the first in a series based on girl sleuth Sherry (Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin who communicates with her ghost of a mom in an effort to solve a rhino heist at the San Diego Wildlife Park. Sounds awesome!

And What Would Emma Do? is a play on the WWJD phenomenon in the life of one small-town girl. The book description on Amazon actually says ‘a love triangle-turned-square’. How can you not wonder about that??

Now…don’t you have some shopping to do???

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  1. I’ve already ordered WWED. I loved Unpredictable so when I was looking for a book to add to my amazon order (have to get it up to $25 for free shipping! yes, I know that’s how they get me but it also means more books so we all get what we want) I checked out the excerpt to WWED and it only took a couple of paragraphs to convince me to add that to my order. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Barrie’s book looks interesting too. :)

  2. Alyson (New England Living)

    I must read Barrie’s book because I just love her! Maybe I’ll use my tween as an excuse. :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I’d already seen I So Don’t Do Mysteries, but will look for WWED too.

  4. Kate Diamond

    Hurray! “A love triangle turned square” makes me think of some of the things my students are starting to confess to me at school…

    all I can think is “Oh, heavens! I’m so glad you have an adult you can trust!” and “Why, oh why, does that adult have to be me?”

  5. keri mikulski :)

    Two great books. :) Love the – love triangle turned square.

  6. Stephanie J

    Can't wait for Barrie's book! I will be at B&N tomorrow. I'll have to check out WWED…catchy!

  7. Love triangle turned square? Boogles the mind.

  8. Oh, awesome! I’ve already requested that our local library buy Barrie’s book.

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