Feast Your Eyes…

When I get a few free moments to blog again, I’m going to have some very interesting toilet stories for you, but until then, enjoy…

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  1. What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oooh it’s like a fairy tale

  3. I want to live there.

  4. i’ve gotta know…where is that? it’s not cinderella’s castle, so i’m curious.

  5. Toilet stories? That could be the title of a mommy blog.

  6. Love the picture. Disney World is in my backyard so to speak and yet I never seem to go. Seeing your pic makes me think it’s time.

  7. Angie Ledbetter

    Promises, promises. :)

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    It is Cinderella’s castle, Virginia! What made you think it wasn’t?

    If you lived there Sarakastic, you’d have to come out a couple times day to perform with the characters. Maybe you could be the Disney Ninja.

    Go, Vicki…go!

  9. Exciting toilet stories to help prepare us for the approaching World Toilet Day celebration.

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