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Weird moment of the day: I’m sitting in church and the cell phone belonging to the lady in front of me starts to ring. Her ringtone? The theme from The X-Files.

In other news, while I didn’t get much reading done this weekend, I definitely caught up on the movies. Friday night we had a ‘Movie Night’ with a vinyl tablecloth spread over the living room floor to guard against pizza stains. We watched one of my favorite movies as a kid: The Secret of Nimh. I’ve never read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, but my son’s third grade teacher is reading it in class now.

Then today we went to see Madagascar 2. I found it very enjoyable, but then I am very fond of Ben Stiller. I loved the hippo flirting parts (my favorite line: “Baby, the answer will always be yes, unless a no is required.”) and how Marty (the zebra, a.k.a. Chris Rock) says Cracka-Lackin’ (that spelling is a little iffy). I need a new word to get excited about–this could be it.

Then tonight, I watched Nim’s Island with the boys while my husband worked late–I loved the whole author dynamic–how Jody Foster was the author (Alex Rover) of the little girl’s favorite adventure novels, but she’d never had a single adventure of her own….very clever. And after the boys went to bed, I watched Ballet Shoes, based on the books by Noal Streatfeild, which I only ever heard of via You’ve Got Mail. The movie, while charming, seemed rushed–I think I need to read the book(s).

Right about now I’m feeling very ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ for some reason. But Kevin Bacon wasn’t in any of these movies…I don’t think.

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  1. Angie Ledbetter

    Wow, a whole movie weekend! Sounds fun. I don’t watch many, but am waiting for Secret Life of Bees to come out on DVD. About halfway thru the book now.

  2. i’ve had ballet shoes at home for over 2 weeks (from netflix)! i really need to watch it. i mainly selected it because of emma watson from the harry potter movies! :)

  3. This reminds me that I need to do a movie weekend and catch up with everything.

  4. keri mikulski :)

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  5. I loved Ballet Shoes, if it’s the one with Emma Watson. I thought they did a really great job of keeping the movie like the book. My next movie I’ll see in the theater will be Twilight. I’m going with friends and my nieces and sister.

  6. I never read the Rats of Nihm until I was an adult but it’s now one of my favorite books ever.

  7. Alyson (New England Living)

    I love the post being drawn together with movies and I love your last line! haha

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