Target Fetish

Is it just me, or is Target just a black hole with a bulls-eye? I can’t seem to step into that store without spending a hour there. Today I went in for printer ink, gloves, and multiplication flashcards, thinking it’ll take me, twenty minutes tops. I trailed out of there after AN HOUR with things I had no intention of even looking at, let alone buying. I breezed through the Dollar Spot (and picked up some Christmas wrapping paper for…$1), I browsed through the books (I’m sorry, but I can’t not), and as ridiculous as it seems, two days from Halloween, I even stopped and admired some of the Christmas decorations that the employees are so efficiently setting out on display. Oh, and I played with the Sony Reader they had out on display: very nice. I ended up with a lip gloss and a box of cotton candy push-up pops, and an hour gone from my life. (I did also manage to score one Christmas gift). But I enjoyed every minute.

So while it’s a colossal time waster, Target just makes me happy: the red and white, and that little bull terrier….awesome. Today was a good day.

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  1. I’m addicted to Target too. So is my 8 year old. Maybe they put something in the air?

  2. Angie Ledbetter

    No harm, no foul if you had fun. (I bet you got some good writing fodder too…like the future character who’s a Target addict.) :)

  3. I love Target. I live very near one and spend way too much money there each month.

  4. The word verification for this comment was coments which is the closest I’ve ever come to an actual word. Just another thing to thank Target for.

  5. I love Target, but I’m with you, I can never just ‘run’ in. And I always have more than I went for when I leave. :)

  6. I’m not a successful published writer like you, but isn’t “can’t not” a double negative?

    Do they have flashcards for that?

  7. There is no Target near Vancouver. Sometimes this strikes in as inhumane- other times I think it is perhaps for the best.

  8. i used to love target, but lately every time i go in there, i’m like, “man, i can get this cheaper at walmart”. and i end up leaving with nothing. i still spend an hour looking around, but very rarely leave with anything. sigh.

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