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I really, really need to start writing again. I realize that, I do, but it’s as if the time I had for writing has disappeared. Like when you delve into a jar of marshmallow creme and scoop out more than you should–it leaves a stretchy-looking void. But then you come back later and the void is gone, leaving only a pristine surface of sugary white to mar anew. (Yep, I like my marshmallow creme.) Well, I scooped out writing, and I suppose I was expecting time to just present itself once again now that summer is over. It hasn’t. Admittedly I’ve had my boys home due to the hurricane, and I’m still working both Tuesday and Thursday at Mother’s Day Out–yesterday was the first day back after the hurricane, and it was like starting all over. At one point or another nearly all of them were screaming-crying. Ay caramba! So I’m playing catch-up. And I’m reading Breaking Dawn, which is sucking me in and demanding quite a bit of time and attention. And I’m enjoying my little bits of extra reading time very much. But…duty calls. This week. I will start Book 3 this week. I will. And then I’ll celebrate with a scoop of marshmallow creme. No one will know–the evidence will just disappear.

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  1. Angie Ledbetter

    Loved your thoughts on the gooey treat. Good luck with your fresh start. With kids and work…it’s like living in the little cracks of time left by all the other demands. Glad you came through the hurricane okay.

  2. You deserve a treat! Hope you are enjoying Breaking Dawn (it does suck you in).

  3. I can’t eat marshmallow creme unless it is clotted up with rice crispies. However, my real point is that I think our brains need some fallow/downtime before jumping in to being creative again.

  4. enjoy the treats and the read! :)

  5. Oh, and you’re at such a fun stage! I love beginning a new book.

    Good luck with it. I hope it gets easier once you get back in the habit.

  6. Tasha Alexander

    Yes!!! Write!

    The beginning is horrible fun, isn’t it?

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Hi Tasha!
    Thanks for visiting…I hope you are busily writing yourself so that there’ll be another Emily book out soon…

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