An Unexpected Find

Today, just by chance, I discovered the room I would have loved to have had as a little girl…or teenager. Heck, I’d love to have it now. On my way to Walmart, traveling a back way to avoid some traffic, I happened to notice a stand-alone model home sitting off by itself a ways from a very nice neighborhood. With only a stint in Walmart to look forward to, I quickly turned, parked on the street and started up the path.

The house was a two-story and lovely. High ceilings, spacious rooms, filled to bursting with upgrades. And also filled to bursting by the interior designers–knick-knacks were everywhere, and the walls were pretty well covered with art. I took my time, looking through all the rooms and imagining how my life could fit into this house (although we are NOT thinking of moving). And then I stepped into my dream room. It was decorated for a little girl, with white lace and flowers and bows, really rather tasteful, but not my particular style. But then I noticed the little alcove to the right of the bed. The archway had a vague Moorish style, and they’d mounted sheer curtains that would close it off from the main room. It was furnished with a little table, two chairs, and a lamp, and it was set for a tea party. I envisioned a day bed or a comfy chair and a wide bookcase. I envisioned a reading nook and was enchanted.

And then I noticed the creme de la creme! In the closet, on a wall dedicated to bookshelves (!), there was a sign. It said, “Push to see our secret room.” Of course I pushed. And there, behind the future wall of books, was a secret hideout, a very spacious forgotten room with no windows. How brilliant is that! I didn’t check, but as long as it had an air-conditioning vent, I could hole myself up in there for hours! It was a magical, what-if kind of moment.

And then I went to Walmart and the magic promptly died.

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  1. If I wrote slogans professionally I would say Walmart: the place that dreams go to die

    That is probably why I don’t have that job.

    The room sounds enchanting. I once pleaded with my parents to choose a particular house because it had a strawberry shortcake decorated room. They did, but the people took all of their strawberry shortcake things with them. I also really wanted a wardrobe because C.S. Lewis had convinced me of their magical powers.

  2. Walmart has a secret room with no windows.

    You have to be caught shoplifting to see it, though.

    (Sarakastic told me)

  3. Walmart does tend to end the magic.

    I would love to have that room. I read lots of Nancy Drew books and a secret room behind a bookshelf sounds wonderful!

  4. Oh, man. I would have loved that room as a kid. Maybe not the pink and the lace, but the secret room would make my little heart explode with excitement. I would have done so much. I can see myself having a club in there when I was younger, and I was older, I’d turn it into a reading/writing room. It would have been awesome.

    I had a loose floorboard, but not the kind like you see on TV with the deep bottom. So I kept trading cards and a little money hidden in there in secret.

  5. I would love that room now. My grandparents home had a “secret room” that was accessed through a panel in the wall. I loved it.

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    Good to see you, Packsaddle. I could use the comic relief a little more frequently though (hint hint).

    And a removable floor board is not too shabby, Jason. It’s no secret room, but still…

  7. Kelly Krysten

    Oh, that sounds awesome!
    When I was younger one of my friends came over and said, “Your room looks just like the pictures in the magazines.” So, I loved my room. But I like the one you described better! Having a secret room, not to mention the alcove, would be so awesome!

  8. That room sounds so cool. As a kid I would have loved it, but as an adult I would love it even more. A secret place to go write and read…escaping the real world for a while.

    Totally with you on Walmart. We have a love/hate relationship. Love the deals, but hate to go there.

  9. Stephanie J

    I keep envisioning a window nook with a built-in bookcase up one side of the nook and then the sheer curtains to close it off. I probably would have spent all day every day in a nook like that if I’d had one!

    No secret room or floorboard for me but I used to stash things behind my books in my bookcase. I felt all Harriet The Spy!

  10. Angie Ledbetter

    Your day sounds like a microcosm of life sometimes — swept away on a happy cloud of fantasy, vacation, or a good book, then BLAM, back to harsh reality. 😉

  11. I would love a secret hideout. So would each of my kids!

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