The Domesticity Continues…

Compared to normal, I must say, this weekend was a culinary fiesta around here! Yesterday evening, I made green chile stew, which I’ve never made before. It was rather intensive since I bought fresh green chiles, pre-roasted at my local grocery store (so I even skipped a step), and then, glove-clad, peeled, seeded, and chopped them, along with the pork shoulder, potatoes, onion, carrots, and garlic. We are having that for dinner tonight with tortillas and refried beans. I hope it was worth the effort.

Then this morning, I peeled and diced and pureed two mangoes for mango ice cream. It had four egg whites in it and was very light and fluffy. My older son took one bite and classified it as ‘fuzzy’. My husband’s assessment: subtle and sweet. I haven’t had any myself.

As if that wasn’t enough, I then made Hyacinth’s Everything Cookies from The Pioneer Woman’s recipe vault. They really do have everything: oats, granola, Craisins, dried apriot, pecans…. And they are very wholesome–definitely the kind of cookie you need to down with a glass of cold milk. Both my sons took bites and decided they didn’t like them. My husband will only eat the ones I made sans-pecans. So I’ll be delivering some to my grandma and my mom tomorrow. (Along with some green chile stew for my dad).

I had to lie on my bed for several hours today in recovery, trying to finish up The Ivy Tree. I have not yet reached The End.

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  1. The green chili stew had me thinking "I wonder if there are like synthetic green chilis so I wouldn't have to do all of that work" Knowing me I'd touch my eye & go blind.

  2. Check you out! That is so impressive, especially taking on the chilis!

  3. I feel like I’m baking when I just make the slice and bake cookies. WTG on the homemade ones!

  4. Here’s how cooking goes in my house: the more effort I put in, the more complaints I get!

  5. Houston A.W. Knight

    The green chili sounds good to me and so do the cookies –
    I spent the day cooking as well yesterday, so I know what you mean about rest…but I did it so I’d have time today to work on my manuscript … then this morning at 4:30 my DH shows me laundry that NEEDS TO BE DONE…ah, the life of a writer, huh?

  6. THose cookies sound wonderful. As the weather turns cooler than I become more interested in cooking. When it’s hot I don’t like it unless I can toss it on the grill.

  7. I had wondered about those cookies! I would rush into the kitchen to make some right now, but I’m out of eggs. I’ll take your word for it that they’re not kid-pleasing…

  8. The cookies sound yummy to me. :)

    Lots of good writing vibes your way to finish the The Ivy Tree.

  9. Alyssa Goodnight

    I don’t know, Beck, your kids just might eat ’em! They are very tasty. And wholeome. (Have I already said that?)

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