Thanks to everyone who offered kind words–we are almost back to normal here, despite the boys being off school for another whole week! We actually escaped the aftermath a bit this past weekend with a trip up to Little Rock, AR which we’d be planning for a month or so. We squeezed in a trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park, where we dug for diamonds, an apple-picking expedition (we came away with 19 lbs. of apples, so the next several posts are likely to be an Apple-palooza–if you have any recipes, send ’em my way!), and a hike up Pinnacle Mountain just west of L.R. It was nice to be away from home for a bit.

I couldn’t quite justify the purchase of this Jane Austen action figure though…

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  1. Wow! A Jane Austen figurine? I love it! Though I agree — no need to buy yet another dust-collector. Still, it’s pretty cool.

    Glad you escaped Ike relatively unscathed. It even sounds like you had a good trip.

  2. Pretty cool to have an author as an action figure. Sounds like y’all had a really great trip.

  3. She comes with a quill pen & writing desk. I am bidding on ebay as we speak.

  4. 19 lbs of diamonds would have been nicer, but apples are great too. My mom makes a great apple custard pie (but she doesn’t e-mail so no point in asking her about it). I’ll see if I can find something similar online.

  5. Kelly Krysten

    Oh, what a cute figurine! I don’t know if I would buy it, either.
    Glad to hear everything’s good with you.:)

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Crater of Diamonds National Park.

  7. Angie Ledbetter

    Sounds like a much needed and fun trip.

  8. what a fun getaway! trust me, you’re not missing much around this ike-recovering place. :)

  9. Travis Erwin

    Mt wife just made some dish with apples, polish sausage, and apple cider. It was quite tasty even for a carnivore like me. I have idea what the recipe is but I know she found it on if that helps.

  10. Melissa Blue

    I’d write it off as inspiration. Have fun with those apples.

  11. I’m not going to laugh at the Jane Austen action figure, because I own a Vincent Van Gogh action figure with interchangable heads. One head, of course, has two ears, while the other has only one. The art of cynicism is clearly not dead.

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