I’m resigned to the reality that I didn’t accomplish what I’d intended to over the summer. Well really the summer, plus–it’s been almost four months now. Four months I’ve been waiting to see if there’s any agent interest in my recently finished novel. And while I know that summer is a slow time for the publishing industry, I hadn’t quite realized just how slow.

I have partials out to three agents, and one agent has the full, and I’ve not heard from any of them in what seems like ages, and in reality is between four weeks and four months. I have a definitely feeling of limbo. I’m not sure what to do with the book. Should I attempt a rewrite, as suggested by an agent I did hear back from at the beginning of the summer? Should I hang tight and wait to hear from these agents? I tried sending one of them a follow-up email, but I haven’t gotten a reply to that either. But what if my pages got caught up in a vicious spam filter and never reached their intended audience? I think maybe I should have typed ‘REQUESTED MATERIAL’ in the subject line, but there were no instructions given for requested material and very specific instructions given for queries, so I basically hit ‘Reply’ to the agent’s reply to my original query, keeping the subject line pretty much intact. Now I’m not so sure that was a good idea. But I have no way of knowing. At least not at the moment. Not until I get a reply…or don’t.

The boys go back to school on Monday. And after a few days of getting things back in order I’m going to have to make some sort of decision. Start working on some revisions or throw myself into the next book. I’m not looking forward to the decision.

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  1. Angie Ledbetter

    Isn’t the waiting and wondering the worst? I wish agents just had an automatic notification system that lets you know your work has landed in their inbox! (Also wish there was a standard protocol concerning accepted waiting periods before you submit to others.) *sigh*

  2. I wonder the same thing, but mostly about dating.

  3. Gah publishing has the slowest timelines. It is enough to drive one insane. Hang in there

  4. Kate Diamond

    I vote for starting a new project, but maybe that’s because I hate revising!

    I’m also highly impressed that you managed to get anything off to an agent. I’ve yet to make that step… how did you force yourself to sit down, get the revision done, and then show it to people?

    Yeah. I’m a wimpy slacker. I admit it.

  5. I’m in the same limbo land as you and I’m not so good at the waiting part.

    A very good published friend just told me, agent / editor days are like dog years. When they say X amount of weeks, plan on X amount of months. The truth is they have so many it takes them a while to get through them.

    I’m with angie, I do wish they had an auto reply, just so you’d know they received it.

  6. Hi, long time no see! :) I was just checking up on your posts, and had to comment — I’m in the same frustrating situation of waiting (and waiting) for agent responses. They say late summer slows everything down, but…it’s mid-fall now. Anyway. Good luck with yours — all fingers crossed for you. From what I’ve read of your first novel, you’re an excellent, funny writer; I’d think you’ll have no trouble finding an agent who loves your voice.

  7. Catherine Avril Morris

    Argh — “senate” is me, Catherine Avril Morris — didn’t realize I was commenting from my HOA committee email addy!! *blush*

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Hi Catherine! I admit the ‘Senate’ did throw me–I kept thinking, who do I know with that name??? Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I’m sending them right back at you, chick!

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