Four-legged Thug

While out walking my dog the other night, we came upon a woman walking her pair. One of them was a mini Yorkshire terrier and the other I was unable to identify, but it was by far the more interesting personality of the two. With any dog that passes, my puppy strains at the leash, jumping up in an effort to do some companionable sniffing. So, I was having quite the time getting her reined in. But beyond that, I was having trouble concentrating, not to mention holding back laughter, when I heard the ‘bark’ of the bigger unidentifiable breed.

His bark sounded EXACTLY like those crusty ogres from old black and white movies that slurred their words together as they warned, ‘You dirty rascal…I oughta tear you limb from limb…’ Seriously. Exactly like that. Imagine a dog on a leash threatening you in such a fashion. I can’t help but wonder what he’d have done if he’d pulled free…it was all comically terrifying. And I can’t wait to come across him again. My husband is actually rather envious.

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  1. Travis Erwin

    Too bad you can’t record a snippet for us to hear.

  2. What kind of dog do you have Alyssa?

  3. My dog is part hound dog so he barks like a hound dog..except for when he is scared. Then he moos like a cow & I laugh at him.

  4. I love when dogs have barks that don’t really match the dog.

  5. There is something more “real” about a big dog (or at least a dog with a big bark). I love my bizarre mid-sized THAT DOG, but I’m pretty sure she’s never intimidated anyone with her howl…

  6. better barking than yapping, i always say. yapping gives me a headache. :)

  7. Barbara Martin

    Alyssa, be careful of which dogs your puppy sniffs as you cannot be certain those other dogs have had their shots kept up to date.

  8. The wonderful world of dog owners. . . I can’t wait to join it. :)

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