Just finished watching Stardust with the boys, and it kept us all riveted. I loved all the little details:

The snowdrop flower, the goat-man, the ghosts of the ‘slaughtered prince’ brothers…

And how it was all framed by the world outside of Stormhold.

Lovely, just lovely. Two thumbs heartily up!

It reminded me a great deal of my beloved Princess Bride, which, after many, many viewings, and a mention on Diana Peterfreund’s blog, I finally read the book. And of course I enjoyed it very much. So…it was a natural inclination for me to hustle into the office the minute the movie was over to place a library hold on Stardust, the book. I’m excited!

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  1. I’ve never seen Stardust, but will have to put it on my hold list at the library. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Catherine Avril Morris

    I loved the movie too! Hmm, I think I’ll go get the book as well…

  3. Travis Erwin

    That was one my family enjoyed as well.

  4. after many many reprimands from friends who’ve seen the princess bride, i’ve finally added it to my netflix queue. must be good, people always freak out when they hear i’ve never seen it. :)

  5. The book was amazing but I had no idea there was a movie! I need to check that out.

    Virginia, hope you like the Princess Bride! It IS wonderful!

  6. I adore Princess Bride…

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