My sister-in-law often sends the boys postcards when she travels, and typically, my older son gets a destination-focused postcard and my younger gets a cutesy one. When they received postcards from Michigan this week, I commented to my husband that his sister still seemed to think my youngest was a bit of a baby. His postcard had a picture of a bunny rabbit, and it said, ‘Somebunny in Michigan loves me.’

After showing the boys their respective postcards, I dutifully hung them on the refrigerator, thinking to leave them for a week or so. Last night at dinner (two days after receiving it), my younger son says, ‘There’s a bunny in Michigan that loves me.’ I muffled my giggle when I realized he was serious and refused to correct him or explain the play on words. Then he says, ‘I wonder how I can find it.’ A strategy session ensued between the brothers. Next he’ll be wanting to plan a trip to Michigan to set up a meet-and-greet.

Maybe my sister-in-law knows what she’s doing (at least in the world of postcards).

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  1. I love this story! It’s so nice to hear that kids aren’t too old for certain things just yet. :)

  2. What was the plan for the bunny when they tracked it down? If it was the Easter bunny there would be candy & that is awesome.

  3. I love that the boys are planning a way to find the bunny that loves your youngest. That is so cute!

  4. I agree- great story. One that he will find humiliating when he’s older- but it’s great. Now if he marries someone from Michigan then it will turn out to be true.

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    I hadn’t thought of that, Eileen. Good point!

    And I agree–the Easter Bunny would be the ultimate good luck, Sarakastic!

  6. Oh, my GOD. That is so precious and hilarious at the same time. I bet your SIL will love hearing about it.

  7. AW! So sweet. And so, yes, potentially humiliating – but in a loveable way. His bunny. Aw.

  8. That’s so cute! And I don’t doubt that when/if your son makes it to Michigan and encounters a rabbit, said bunny will love him, just as promised :)

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