Today I went to the teachers meeting for Mothers Day Out–the first day is next Thursday. I’m in the ‘Dove’ class this year, and the kids are anywhere from 18 months to 2 yrs. when they start. In a class of twelve, we have three Cole’s, a Karleigh, a Katie, a Kellen, and a Keller. Yikes!

After the meeting I had a CPR refresher course, which I needed (it had been eight years since I’d taken it the first time). It’s much easier to remember 2 breaths and 30 compressions across the board. I always pictured myself in an emergency situation going, Is it ten compressions or fifteen? Now I think I’ve got it.

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  1. I once got thrown out of a CPR course with my brother. We kept exclaiming “I think he’s DEAD!” over our dummies and then laughing ourselves (more) senseless. So try not to be near me in an emergency setting.

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    I entertained myself with the comment, ‘I don’t think he’s going to make it.’ while they were demonstrating the AED. I figured that was enough.

  3. Note to self:


  4. I can’t can’t can’t take CPR. I crack up. I went to a class with Girl Scouts and the leader was wearing bright pink lipstick and it got all over the dumby. It’s just a mental picture that makes me giggle just typing about it.

  5. I took a CPR class with a friend when she was in nursing school. We cracked up the whole time, but still wasn’t as funny as taking the natural childbirth class.

  6. Stephanie J

    Out of curiosity, how long does a CPR course take to complete? I was thinking about doing one at some point…

  7. Who knew Cole was such a popular name? It always makes me think of the show Charmed, which probably isn’t a good thing.

  8. they tried to have us do this in middle school, but it just felt so weird calling out, “ARE YOU OKAY? DO YOU NEED HELP?!”

  9. Alyssa Goodnight

    Don’t worry, Packsaddle, I think I’ve got it now! 😉

    Stephanie, I think about 3 hrs. (Our situation was a little different because we were all renewing).

    Liza, I didn’t take the natural childbirth class–or else I did and I’ve stricken it from my memory.

    Virginia, I totally agree. We were also supposed to say, ‘The scene is safe,’ which I’d NEVER say aloud in any situation.

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