I’m Back, Baby!

One week left till school starts and we have been busy!
And…I have been eschewing the Internet for books. I re-read a beloved Mary Stewart, Airs Above the Ground and can attest that despite all the books I’ve read since first discovering her, she is still, far and away, my favorite. I’ve never read her Merlin novels, but I loved all her romantic suspsense–all but The Ivy Tree. That one, not so much. But I was young then (heck, I’m still young now)–I figure I need to give it another chance. So after I finish (finally!) The Sweet, Far Thing, I plan to tackle it again.

A friend of mine revealed some rather surprising news this week. Evidently at a recent get-together in which her father-in-law (divorced, with two girlfriends) and I were both present, he was ‘quite taken with me’. Despite having met me multiple times over the course of the past several years, he was under the impression that we were being introduced for the very first time (yes, I’m that memorable–I was just telling my husband that I’d make a stellar undercover agent–no one ever seems to remember me). Anyway, we spoke for a total of about ten minutes (tops!), and afterwards, in the car, he apparently told my friend that I was–wait for it–‘quite a woman’ and that he could see himself marrying someone like me!!! EGAD! My friend suggested that maybe two girlfriends was plenty, seeing as I’m married and all.
So…what can I take from all this? Evidently I’ve still got it. At least as far as the over-fifty crowd is concerned.

And Mary Stewart used the phrase ‘wait for it’ in her 1965 Airs Above the Ground release. Talk about a trend-setter.

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  1. Well if the father in law owns a car & has held a job in the past six months he still beats the very icky demographic that goes for me. I agree Egad.

  2. Stephanie J

    I need to read Mary Stewart! Is it horrible that I haven’t? Especially since I love romantic suspense…

    Woohoo! Kindof a weird source to receive the compliment but I’d say it’s pretty nice! :)

  3. i just realized i don’t say ‘egad’ often enough. mental note! :)

  4. Sally Lawton

    Oooh, love the new look site. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to log on! Glad all is OK with you :-)

  5. Not to be creepy or anything, but I’ve always thought you were pretty.

  6. Ick! I’m not SURPRISED, though – you’re quite fetching.

  7. You let that man get away!?

    I haven’t been catching anyone’s eye lately. +50 or not.

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Stephanie–yes! it is horrible that you haven’t. You must pick one and start immediately!

    Hi Sally! Hope all is well with you.

    Thank you so much, Packsaddle and Beck. You are too sweet.

    And Stacy, I’d send him your way if you were a thousand miles closer. Then again, maybe he likes a challenge…

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