When, oh when?

With the first season of Gilmore Girls on hold for me at the library again, I can’t help but wonder when there’ll be a series that can step up and fill the void left by that snappy, sassy show. A few months ago I did a search on Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show’s writer and producer, and found she had another series in the works. But, always one step behind, I discovered the pilot The Return of Jezebel James had already aired and not been well-received. It was cancelled after three shows.

So now, with the 2008 Fall Season fast approaching, I’m wondering if anything will come close. There’s evidently a new mother-daughter show starring Molly Shannon of Saturday Night Live fame called Kath and Kim. This has potential, but after seeing Ms. Shannon as Catherine Mary Gallagher, Catholic school girl, with her hands in her armpits, I’m not sure I can see her any other way. There is also a show termed The Office Spinoff (I’m hoping that’s a place-holder for a yet-to-be-determined jazzy name) that is, well, a spinoff of The Office.

Honestly, I think the show that most closely resembles the quick-draw back-and-forth, perfectly choreographed beauty of the Gilmore Girls is How I Met Your Mother. But no matter how much I love that show, it’s just not the same.

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  1. I wish I could give you TV recommendations, but alas, I get neither cable nor network channels where I live.

    I like just sampling TV on DVD on Netflix. Trying the first disk and then seeing if I become hooked. I tried Brothers & Sisters over the weekend (and did not become hooked).

  2. I’ve been on this quest since Gilmore Girls ended. Jezebel James did nothing but make me sad because it just wasn’t the same. With Gilmore Girls everything aligned: the music, the references to obscure bands I’d never heard of, the cast, the story, a really hot man named Luke.

  3. I miss Gilmore Girls being on tv each week, but I do own all the seasons, so I still watch it pretty often. I don’t know of any show that actually is close to Gilmore Girls, but Chuck (on NBC) has some pretty funny lines.

  4. I hate when I am missing a good show. I loved Battle Star Gallatica. This shocked me as I’m not a huge science fiction fan- but I think the show is really well written.

  5. *sarahdippity

    I dont think there will ever be any show that can take place of Gilmore Girls ever again, not unless Gilmore Girls comes back to us! {sigh}

  6. I’m drawing a blank for cleverly written shows – Pushing Daisies is cute, and it’s due to return in the fall. And with singing! I love singing.

  7. alas. there’s nothing. man, that’s depressing.

  8. I always wait for the special Fall TV Guide listing all the new shows. Then I go through like the Nordstrom’s catalog and mark which shows I want to watch.

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