My Tire Monday

On our roadtrip to San Antonio a couple of months ago, we were flagged down by a passing SUV with the news that we had a flat tire. Well my husband pulled off the road to examine it but, preferring not to engage in any actually work while on the ROW, we continued slowly on to the next truck stop. As my husband filled the tire with air, it started to buckle and warp, and I, standing riveted, was told to step back. Seconds later it blew, all over the occupied Jeep parked next to us. Turns out we’d run over a nail–a first for me, and we got the tire replaced the next morning in San Antonio.

I know, good story, right? I do have a point…

So now, as another roadtrip looms on our scheduling horizon, my husband yesterday discovered that I had another nail lodged in the same tire–the new tire!! Two months, two nails. What are the odds of that? For now at least it’s taken care of, but I have to wonder where it is I’m driving that these daredevil nails are just jumping right out in front of me…

If I were on the ball for My Town Monday, I’d have taken a picture at Discount Tire this morning. But alas, I was unprepared for Monday once again.

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  1. I had 2 tires in under a month get nails in them. Neither of my tires ever blew out, but I did have to call AAA to come change the first tire for me.

  2. This made me wonder why they don’t make car tires like those special bike tires that don’t go flat, I’m sure there’s a reason but just in case a tire specialist reads this please work on that.

  3. Stephanie J

    What’s with getting nails in tires at inconvenient times?! And I don’t mean inconvenient like, “oh I have to be at work” but inconvenient like, “I have a big roadtrip tomorrow.” I had the same thing happen to me not too long ago. Luckily, it was fixable and the Firestone is less than a quarter mile away!

    So…tires actually blow up? I always thought that blowing a tire just mean that it shredded to pieces.

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