License to Thrill

Ever since I bought my boys a magnetic license plate travel game from Target, they have been obsessed. I gave it to them to use on our trip to San Antonio, figuring it would give them something to do in the car, and they jumped right on the challenge, spotting states right and left, encouraging my husband and I to speed up to see that license plate just ahead. They’d only found maybe ten or so when we got to Sea World and hit the mother lode. There we found a little bit of everything, including Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii!!! First of all, who is driving down to Texas from Alaska, and secondly, who is having their car shipped over from Hawaii??? We were all giddy with success. But the game, it seems, is not just for roadtrips, even though the actual board and magnets have become superfluous. My sons still call out their finds with glee and ask to make another loop around the parking lot to ‘just check that one over there’. A few recents finds? Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, and Virginia. We’re low on East Coast states, but yesterday I found a Mexico… Whoo-hoo!

Why not see what you can find–I challenge you! It is such a rush. (Not really, but it is sort of addictive.)

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  1. I bought a few magnetic board games for our trip too. Hope mine are as big a hit as yours!

  2. I’ve tried this before when I was bored because I totally listen to my inner child. I then came to the conclusion that no one ever leaves or enters the state of Utah. I can only assume this is because our new license plates are so ugly that we don’t want anyone else to see.

  3. but yesterday I found a Mexico… Whoo-hoo!

    Sounds like it’s not just the boys who are enjoying the game. :)

    We used to play that on road trips, that and “slug-a-bug”. 😀

  4. i’m surprised it took you this long to find a mexico license plate–are you sure we live in the same city? i see them all the time! :)

    i squeal with delight every time i see a virginia license plate!

  5. I loved that game as a kid!!!

    We also played the ABC game where you had to find a word on a sign or billboard with A and then b and then c…as an adult it’s not such a hard game, but as a kid it was fun and took time.

    My sis and I also played the My name is –, my husbands name is — and we come from — with a cart full of — Again using the alphabet, but we would also try to use different dialect each time we said it. :)

  6. Stephanie J

    Is it weird that we never played that game on family trips? I always get excited when I see a MN license plate. :) If I have a friend from a certain state I tend to notice those plates more often.

    I bet my aunt would like this license plate game for her kids!

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Sarakastic, you might be on to something there. I’m pretty sure we haven’t found a Utah yet…

    Virginia, I’d say I’m not paying attention, but lately, I am, so I don’t know why I’m not seeing more Mexico plates!

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