Another Deviation…

I have fallen in love…with a cookbook. The interesting thing about this is that, not only do I not own a lot of cookbooks, I don’t cook with them either. I’m not all that versatile or adventurous in my cooking (mostly because I’m lazy and my husband has a LOT of food dislikes), so most of my recipes come from family (i.e. someone I trust who’s already tried them).

I don’t know how I even came to be looking at cookbooks on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, but somehow, I was, and I stumbled over Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. I, of course, read the reviews and tried to do a bit of background checking on the book and the author, but I think what really sold me was the fact that it was termed ‘A Colorful Cookbook’ and organized by food color. How deliciously different does that sound??

So, I bought it and on Sunday, it was in the mail: a huge, beautiful full-color volume of recipes, photographs, memories, and suggestions. I’m loving looking at it and have already picked a selection of recipes to try. I particularly like the notes from the author. Whether they be recipe tips and suggestions or lovely, floaty memories of her life as a child or times with her children, this cookbook is making me want to spend more time making these lovely meals simply for the sheer joy it (ignoring the dishes). We’ll see.

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  1. This cookbook looks like fun. I love cookbooks and own many, but my favorites are the church cookbooks. I also have all the handwritten recipes from my grandmother. I need to get them scanned so we will always have copies. Most are written in pencil and starting to fade.

  2. I will be buying this because maybe I’d cook if all the food could be orange

  3. Stephanie J

    Sounds yummy! I love when cookbooks have colorful pictures because it really helps me get a feel for the dish before I make it. I can’t look at an ingredient list and know what it will look like in the end!

    Have you ever seen or used America’s Test Kitchen cookbook? It’s basically the Cooks Illustrated cookbook and it’s fantastic. There aren’t pictures for everything but the tips and hints are fantastic.

  4. I adore cookbooks so I’m going to have to try this one. (Plus, you liked Once, which has been highly recommended to me, so obviously you have fabulous taste!)

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