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Of course we have a wonderful zoo in Houston, and it’s getting better all the time, but it’s stuctured and straight-laced and near downtown. Closer to my own backyard is Bayou Wildlife Park,
where animals roam (to a point) and guests can ride through the acreage on a tram, getting up close and personal and feeding the animals. And as you can see by the pictures, they definitely get up close. The ostriches and camels are a little scary, the camels bobbing and lunging to get at the food buckets and the camels pushy and slobbery. But it’s fun and unique and everyone should have an experience like this!

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  1. Travis Erwin

    That camel looks like he’s ready to spit on you.

  2. The animals look pretty tame—-are they?

  3. Kelly Krysten

    Oh, cool pics! I once rode a camel at the Zoo. That was pretty

  4. pattinase (abbott)

    I have always found camels a bit ominous.

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    We’ve not yet been spit on, but then the animals are pretty tame, and evidently they like the pellets sold by the bucket. They’re always friendly and curious.

  6. Barbara Martin

    Love those llamas and the camel. They see people = food which is probably why the camels are pushy.

  7. Hee…that camel is funny! I’ve heard they’re not the friendliest of creatures, but that one looks like he gets along pretty well with others.

  8. Travis Erwin

    To answer your question the colors on my links do not really mean anything. I usually try to make it colorful to draw the eyes so more people will follow the links, but I was using a strange computer this week and things were kind of screwy.

  9. The llamas and the camels both look like they might spit at any moment.

  10. i haven’t been to the houston zoo in years–i just remember bad monkey smells. :) and lots of empty cages for some reason. glad you guys had fun! i like going to those safari type places.

  11. Lovely pics !!

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