My News and My Town Monday

I’ve finished…again. I’ve gone through my entire manuscript and cut 53 pages!! And I’ve gotta admit–I think it’s better, tighter, more cohesive. But talk about intense… I’m used to a more relaxed pace. But my resolution was to have this book done by the end of the school year, and while it was technically done once, it was suggested I revise, so I went back through it all again. And now I’m done…again.

And while I’m happy about that, I’m actually a little disappointed on another front. I’d queried an agent with my first few pages and synopsis, and she emailed me back the next day saying she loved the idea, would love to see the manuscript, and thought I’d written a stellar query letter. So I sent the manuscript (the old one, before the tightening, because at the time, the tightening had not yet been requested). Her blog indicates that she will respond to full manuscripts within just a few days, but it’s been a month, and I hadn’t heard, so I tried emailing. Nothing. I tried calling on Friday, but I haven’t heard anything back. So…I think I kind of have to assume that it’s a no-go, and that’s a bit of a downer.

To end on an upbeat note, I decided to go with Travis Erwin’s My Town Monday idea. Here is the sign outside a rinky-dink little gas station in the vicinity of my house. It fascinates me. Just above the spaces for gas and diesel prices, where someone might advertise lottery tickets or milk and bread, this place hawks it’s brownies. Someday I’m going in–I’m going to find out what’s so special about these brownies and whether this gas station has reason to be famous/infamous for them. Stay tuned…

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  1. Congrats on the finished edits. That’s got to feel good.

    Who requested the tightening? And I wouldn’t consider it a no-go until you hear back definitely. In the meantime, you can query others, can’t you?

  2. I never thought I would look at a sign & think “Remember when gas was $3.79? Those were good times” Gas prices=bad. Brownies=good

  3. where is this $3.79 gas you speak of?! paid $3.87 this morning. grr.

  4. Congrats on the edits…that’s impressive! And I wouldn’t conclude that no answer for a month is a no…this time of year folks are on vacation, stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Send the tightened version and see what happens.

  5. Congrats on finishing the edits.

    I wonder if the brownies are cheaper than the gas…

  6. Travis Erwin

    Welcome aboard the MTM wagon train. And who nows maybe that agent has been on vacation or something.

  7. Major congrats on the finished edits! I’m really close to finishing the last pass on mine. Just a couple of things left to do.

    Did you decide if you were going to try the agent/editor thing?

  8. Oh, that’s so stressful.
    Try out those brownies – I now NEED TO KNOW!

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