Just checking that you’re paying attention…

Don’t forget to click on the little blue squares next to a book or movie link. Those are Smart Links. Does anyone think those are as cool as I do??? I love them!

Thanks for all the book recommendations. (Although I’ve definitely had my fill of Sweet Valley High!) I’m reading Northanger Abbey right now but hopefully will have finished by next week’s trip to the library.

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  1. Smartlinks are awesome. My links are just of average intelligence, I have no idea how to make them smart.

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    You need an updated Blogger template (mine hadn’t really been updated since 2004-yikes!) But then you just go to adaptiveblue.com and get the code and paste in it. Easy!

  3. Mysti Holiday

    How COOL… those are awesome smartlinks… never heard of them.

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