Judge me by size, do you? *

A Lego store just opened at the mall closest to our house, much to the delight of my boys. To celebrate the grand opening, they brought in a Lego Master Model Builder to create an 8 foot Yoda with the help of mall-going kids. Not knowing what to expect, I toted my kids to the mall today to participate and was actually very pleased and impressed.

The Master Builder had created a two foot Yoda model from three basic Lego colors and he was having the kids create jumbo-sized Lego blocks for him to use to create the 8-foot model. My older son built nine of these blocks and my younger son seven, and they could watch as the M.B. was adding these big blocks to the larger model. They would have stayed, but we hadn’t eaten lunch, and I dragged them away… Mean mom.

* Just in case you’re wondering, I looked this quote up–it didn’t spring off the top of my head. I’m not sure whether this makes me look more or less geeky.

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  1. Travis Erwin

    That’s neat . They had some great creations at the Lego store when we went to Disney World.

  2. I wish I had built a yoda out of legos. Maybe someday

  3. I love lego land. I remember taking the children to the one in UK we had a fabulous time.

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  5. Kate Diamond

    Yay! Star Wars! Legos! I vote yes on all counts.

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