Killing Time

Last Monday I finished this ‘second pass’ of my second novel. I haven’t looked at it in almost a week (and it’s such a weird feeling)–it’s out, being read by someone who’s never seen it, and for that matter, never seen me either. She’s a fellow blogger whom I asked if she might consider reading, and she agreed! With my critique partner having fallen off the earth–I seriously don’t know what happened to her–and my family really rather adverse to reading things more than once, I didn’t really know who to ask. But then I thought of someone whose opinion I respect immensely, someone I thought could offer useful advice without trampling my spirit. So…I’m waiting to hear. And in the mean time, I’ve made a list of all those things I want to get accomplished before the boys are out for the summer. I’m using this nail-biting, anxious, nervous-wreck time to tackle it.

In other news, I’m debating whether to make The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever for Mother’s Day. It looks absolutely scrumptious, and I never make cakes from scratch, but…as far as I can tell, cake and frosting combined have three and three-quarters sticks of butter!! That’s a LOT of butter. I’m certainly not dessert shy, and I much prefer buttercream frosting to that Cool Whip style stuff, but 3 3/4 sticks! I’m going to have to think long and hard on this. And what happens if I love it, if it’s as swoon-worthy as implied? Then I’ll want to keep making it. But how can I justify 3 3/4 sticks of butter??? I’m torn…

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  1. At least it’s not 4 sticks of butter, maybe it can be your Mother’s Day treat.. that you only make once a year.. although someone else should make it for you.

  2. Butter is a dairy product. Dairy is important for calcium and bone health. Do you want to be all hunched over as a senior? Heck no. You better make the cake- it’s a health issue.

  3. wow. no wonder it’s moist! :) it’s mother’s day though–splurge!

  4. Stephanie J

    I say, go for the cake! I made the dumplings (2 stick butter and 1 1/2 cups sugar and they are to die for!

    Good luck on the new CP :)

  5. That cake is AWESOME. By all means make it. Make it now. It was very, very good.

  6. OMG, I should never have clicked the link…now, it’s too late. Three sticks of butter or not, I’m so wanting to make this cake.

    Hmmm…make the cake, eat a small piece, and take the rest to the day job…it’ll be gone before I give in to a second (okay, maybe third) piece.

    Oh, and eileen, you rock! See butter is important. :)

  7. Mother’s Day is only once a year. My grandmother makes a chocolate cake very much like this one. It is to die for!!! She always has to make 2, one with nuts and one without.

  8. Stephanie J

    Just made the dump cake from PW’s site last night! I used cherries and blueberries instead of pineapple but it still work. Take note, the dump cake is EXTREMELY sweet and can only be had in small doses (probably a good thing considering the 2 sticks butter)

  9. Catherine Avril Morris

    Yeah…butter. Last week I said I wanted chocolate cake. Erik went out and bought ingredients and came home and baked one from scratch! Oh boy! Whatta nice hubby, right? Except I think he must be preparing me for the main dish at our Thanksgiving feast this year, or something. Yes, I ate at least one slice per day. Yes, I weigh more now than I did a week ago. At least the cake is gone. (I’ve always had the philosophy — the sooner you get it out of your house, the sooner you can get back to eating healthily. So you gotta eat as much as possible every day till it’s gone!!)

    So did you make the cake or what? How’d it go?

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