It’s about time!

My sister has finally, finally gotten around to getting her blog going. (If you can call linking to my blog getting going… Just kidding–I do appreciate the link). She has a shop on Etsy selling felted animal cameos and other crafty things, and I just noticed today that she’d made and sold a giraffe, which I think is very cute. Mostly she does bears and bunnies, but I think she should branch out into the strange and wonderful.
Any suggestions? Done right, I think a couple of insects could be pretty cute. But maybe that’s just me.

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  1. how cute!! unfortunately, i don’t know any little tykes–other than my godson, and he’s probably draw on it or something! :)

  2. Kelly Krysten

    Those are so cute. And I don’t think I’d like the insects. I’m pretty much deathly afraid of them.

  3. Butterflies?


  4. Mary Danielson

    Oh, so cute! (And whimsical, which I love.)

    I love the insect idea, as I’m a sucker for borderline weird/wonderful. My suggestions would probably be things like Moose(s) or Skunks or Zebras. 😉

  5. I love the giraffe! Cuteness!

  6. Catherine Avril Morris

    Oh!! Those are just so cute!! Man…some people are so talented…

  7. Seriously cute. What about a ladybird.

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