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Well, thanks to Stephanie’s and Beck’s endorsements of The Pioneer Woman, who I think is a hoot, not to mention Eileen’s somewhat unique but perhaps slightly dubious perspective on butter, I’m going to make the cake. I’ve amassed my ingredients and even bought a special cookie sheet to make sure I have a pan of adequate size. My motto (just for the weekend) is ‘To heck with the butter!–I’m eating cake!’ I will report back. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there with enough time to read this blog!

Today I got my hair cut for summer. I’d post a picture, but I can’t seem to take one of myself that captures the haircut. It’s odd. I was standing in front of the mirror, admiring myself with my new haircut, and I took a few shots. Then a few more…then still more. I didn’t look good in any of them, and I couldn’t figure out why. How can I like how I look in the mirror but not like a single photograph?? It’s boggling my mind. So…I will post the picture I took in to the salon. Imagine this is me, without the highlights, the eyeshadow, and the celebrity status…

Then this afternoon, I went to help setup the final bookfair of the year at my sons’ school. It’s a Buy One Get One Free, and the kids get to pay with points they’ve earned in reading certain books throughout the year and then being quizzed on them. Kindergarteners don’t earn points, but my older son has enough to buy essentially one paperback. And I, of course, will supplement and stock up on some summertime reading material. I LOVE bookfairs and found sooo many titles I’d like to buy while setting up today. It’s BOGO for me too–I’m so psyched!

Two book recommendations: The Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz (I love the Spellmans!)and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart. I haven’t finished the latter yet, but I’m really liking it so far.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I bet your hair looks great. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother’s day. :)

  2. Travis Erwin

    And happy Mother’s Day to you.

  3. Cute hair! Post a pic of you when you can…i bet it looks adorable!

  4. Kate Diamond

    Happy Mother’s Day! That cake sounds tasty.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! Cool haircut…. one day I might get to see it…. are you going to RWA San Fran????

  6. You’ve been tagged… check out my blog!

  7. Stephanie J

    This is late, but it’s 10:25p and it’s still the day so…. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Can’t wait to hear how the cake turned out! I heard the chicken spaghetti is fantastic, too!

  8. Catherine Avril Morris

    Oh good, you made it! (I’m reading your posts in chronological order.) Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. AND? DId you LOVE it?

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