A few little snippets from my day…

1. A kolache sausage gave me a lip blister. I was only trying to bite the bun, but the ‘tail o’ the pup’ peeked out below, and I got burned. And it’s one of those devious blisters than you get that leaves no visible trace, so everyone thinks you’re a crybaby. But trust me, it’s there.

2. I had poop wiped on my forearm today. I was approached by a toddler (in my class) with his arm stretched out, and we collided. At first I thought it was the spoils from some nose-mining, but the immediate and undeniable stench quickly clued me in. (He’d dipped his finger down the back of his diaper. I’m guessing just because he could.)

3. My older son and I have been going to First Communion classes on Thursday nights for about a month and a half. Tonight was the last class, where they practiced processing and technique and tasted the unconsecrated bread and wine. I was sitting, watching the practice with my younger son, and right at the beginning there was some sort of hub-bub with one of the little girls.

One of the ladies helping with the program went over to talk to her and seemed to be making no in-roads. I watched the little girl’s mom get up across the church and make her way over. Turns out she refused to swallow the wine. Her mom marched her to the back of the church and to the bathroom (where I could no longer follow the progress of this fascinating turn of events), but when she came back, her mouth was empty.

Then (egads!) they decided to practice it all again (70 kids!!), and this time, the same little girl held up everything. I don’t know if she refused to go up again or what, but the director walked up with her to get the bread and another talk ensued. And then they just hustled her back to her seat, promising that things would be dealt with afterwards. I was so entranced by this little drama that I almost missed my own son going up to practice. Never fear though…I’ll see him for the real deal this Saturday. And don’t doubt even for a second that I’ll sitting, all agog, to see what happens with this other little girl too…

I think that about sums things up.
Tomorrow I go to the zoo with my older son’s class. I predict some good blogging comin’ up!

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  1. eesh! sorry about #2…so to speak. :) hope you have a great time at the zoo! happy weekend!

  2. Kate Diamond

    I’m with Virginia. Wow. The hazards of being a parent…

  3. Travis Erwin

    The zoo had to be better than a blistered lip and poop covered arm.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry about your blister. That really stinks. I’ve had those before, so I definitely know you’re not being a crybaby about it. And as for the poop, yuck! I bet you wasted no time at all getting to the bathroom to wash it off!

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