Husband of Invention

Thursday night my husband told me over dinner that he had an idea for a patent. This has happened before. Last time he got all excited and then discovered that someone else already had a similar–although not the same–patent. Enthusiasm waned, but to keep his spirits up (and to avoid having to constantly renew it at the library), I bought him a book about patents for Christmas.

He was thrilled with this new idea, which, so sorry, I can’t breathe a word of. And spent the better part of the weekend focused on creating a prototype. What makes this really interesting is that it involved sewing. My husband does not–and has never–sewn anything. But this weekend, he sat there, plugging away, calling me in every fifteen minutes or so to thread the needle or fix the bobbin. It was so cute. And he did a very nice job too! He plans to put the prototype to use today and tomorrow, so we’ll see. The book is tagging along…

He also found the time to design a logo, research web sites, and all manner of things. I’m so impressed!

I only managed to whip up some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted! Inspired by all those cooking bloggers, I’m posting
and After shots.

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  1. These look very delicious. And I’m a fan of Egg Beaters too!

  2. And…may the patent gods smile upon your dh. :)

  3. Now send me some cookies.
    I hope your husband makes MILLIONS of dollars from his idea!

  4. Stephanie J

    Aha! I know of which cooking blogger you speak of! :) Mmm… chocolate chip cookies always have a lovely cast of characters. Makes me want to go have some but I just make apple dumplings this weekend and I think I’ve had my fill of sugar and butter for a solid couple of weeks!

    Good luck to the husband on his patent! That’s so neat.

  5. The cookies looked yummy!!! And way cool on your husband and his ‘shhh can’t tell us yet’ idea. I love that.

  6. mmmm cookies. Let us know how the patent turns out.

  7. me need cookie now.

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