Another Indy

Last December I posted about getting to go ‘behind the scenes’ with the white tigers at the Houston Aquarium, but this Sunday we got to do something even better!

The same friends with the white tiger connection got us up-close-and-personal with a 5-week-old lion cub! Her name was Indy (same as our new puppy!) and she was sooooo soft and cute and adorable. We got to pet her, and my boys followed her around on her exploration of our friends’ porch. I even got to hold her! She nipped my husband too, who’s now going around saying he survived the bite of a lion…

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  1. Oh my goodness! How beautiful! What an amazing experience to have. LOL at your husband, the lion tamer.

  2. Look at those beautiful, feral eys. Wonderful.

  3. I never knew baby lions were so cute

  4. Awwww, so cute.

    And how cool! :-)

  5. That is such a cool experience for the kids to have. How very cool!

  6. Watch out, the “bit of a lion” will soon turn into “a brush with death!” 😉

  7. That is so incredible…what a cool experience. And of course, your husband is incredibly brave :)

  8. OMG, how beautiful. Your children must have loved that and lol on your husbands lion story. 😀

  9. Awww, so sweet!! Tonight we watched Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet–lion and cheetah cubs are among the very cutest of all baby animals…

  10. Joanne Rendell

    soooo beautiful!

  11. Travis Erwin

    I like your husband’s style.

  12. Oh, my God. There are NO words to tell you how jealous I am right now, Alyssa. None. That cub is adorable. And I am absolutely fascinated by and in love with wild cats, probably because I love cats in general, and the similarities between domestic and wild cats never fail to intrigue me. Thank you for posting those pictures, though. Just looking at them absolutely made my day. In fact, I’m off to gaze at them a little more.

  13. Kate Diamond

    Wow! What great pictures, and what a neat experience.

    Glad to be able to check in again… my Hell Month of teaching is officially over!

  14. liz fenwick

    Just look at those paws!!!

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