M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Big Plans.

We are back from a trip to the lake just in time to wrap up a busy Spring Break. Now it’s the final push (9 weeks) until summer… (yikes!) The puppy has been keeping us busy and is quite the little sweetheart. Today is my first day with her without any of the boys and so far, so good. No accidents, no problems.

After spending an hour last night perusing Disney World options, my husband gave me a project for the day: use the Disney customizable process engine to fiddle with dates, park options, dining options, amenities, etc. We’re in the early stages yet, researching our options, hoping maybe to schedule around Disney’s winter holiday celebration. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I haven’t been to Disney World (& Epcot) since I was in the fourth grade. And I’ve never been to Disney Land. I’ve looked at the park map for the Magic Kingdom, and so many things have changed. It’ll probably seem all new to me too, and of course I’ve never been to Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Even though this vacation is still in the nebulous stages, it’s exciting for me to have one vacation, at least, taking shape. I like to know what I can look forward to, vacation-wise, and up till now, 2008 has looked bleak indeed.

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  1. I’ve only been to Disney Land like 20 years ago so I’m not much help, but I hope you enjoy your trip

  2. I have never, ever been! My kids think that it’s the most cruel thing they’ve ever heard of….

  3. Ooh Disney! My favorite place. I’ve been a million times so if you have any questions or need any park advice, let me know!

  4. That looks awesome…is there room for me???? :)

  5. I’ve never been to Disney Land but have been to Disney World. I love the place!!!

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  6. i used to work for The Mouse back in 2000! i absolutely love it and there’s SO much to tell you–especially the do-not-do’s. where to start? park-hoppers are going to be your best bet because you can go in and out of the parks as many times as you want in a day. plan on doing animal kingdom in the morning…this park closes first because of the animals. try to get tickets for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas celebration. they have it every year at Magic Kingdom. basically they shut the park down for everyone that doesn’t have those special tickets. i can’t remember how old your kids are, but do NOT rent the double stroller. it’s a monster to maneuver through crowds with. MGM is for shows and thrill rides (ie. Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster). MK is good for the classics–Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s flight, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, etc. all parks have a brochure/map when you walk in telling you times of shows, fireworks, etc. utilize the Fast Pass!! a must for more popular attractions. if you stay for fireworks at MK, you don’t have to get caught up in the throngs of people on Main Street and facing the castle–you get just as good (if not a better) view of them from the other side of the castle (in Fantasyland–way less crowded, too. if it’s in your price range, stay on property…you’ll have access to monorail and some hotels even have Early Bird hours where you get into the parks a full hour before it opens to public. EPCOT is wonderful. start at one country and work your way around. EPCOT has Illuminations–the most spectacular fireworks display i’ve ever seen–it’s over the water! at MGM, do not miss Fantasmic! it’s a water/fireworks/video show towards closing time, but you need to get there early. aagh! there’s so much more to say! do not buy those ‘behind-the-scenes’ down in the tunnels tours. it’s a waste of money! they don’t really even take you anywhere interesting…costuming, the cafeteria, mgmt. offices. bor-ing. i haven’t even recommended restaurants yet!! there’s an email me link on my profile if you’re interested in more ramblings. having worked there for 6 months, there’s so much to share!! :)

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    So, so sad, Beck…

    Thanks so much for the offer, Julie, and all the tips, Virginia! I will probably contacting you as questions arise.

    And tell you what, Trish…if you want to come along as a nanny, we’d LOVE to have you. 😉

  8. liz fenwick

    Have fun….don’t think there is anything I can add :-)

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