Done Deal

We’ve rallied. My husband found another dog for us on Friday, and we’ve now had her the whole weekend. She’s as sweet as she can be–very loving and playful, and she’s been keeping us very busy. Since we never had a chance to name the dog that was our first choice, we decided to stick with Indy. We think it suits her.

I did manage to sneak in some writing today, after several days of not having any time to spare. I was sort of ‘out of the zone’, but not so much that I hadn’t been thinking about how I wanted to deal with the next part of my scene-in-progress. So…it struck me as odd how much trouble I was having with words. I wasn’t having trouble with the writing, per se, but I’d type my sentences, go back and read them, and words would either be completely off, like I’d have typed ‘hand’ instead of ‘hair’, or else I’d mistakenly use a word’s homonym. Unless it was the nap I had right before this mixed with the spike of caffeine from my can of RC Cola, I can’t say what might have caused this odd twisting of my thoughts.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break–a full week of two little boys and one little girl puppy. May I snatch at any time to write and blog that I can…

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  1. the new new dog is cute. I’ve noticed the same thing when I e-mail when I’m tired. Except it will be something that isn’t even close like new instead of cold.

  2. I head into 2 weeks of spring break too!

    I’m Queen of Typos, so I can totally relate!

  3. What an adorable puppy!

  4. glad things turned out okay. congrats on the new addition to your family! he’s a cutie!

  5. Indy’s so pretty! Congrats!!

    Good luck getting some writing in this week. Gawd how I know spring break can be hectic…

  6. cute!

  7. Catherine Avril Morris

    What a cutie!! I’m so sorry about the other dog. What a strange, sad story. Glad you’ve found a new little one to love.

  8. What a lovely dog! She is a very pretty girl and I bet she will love all the attention from the boys.

  9. Congrats on the new dog! She’s beautiful!

  10. Amanda Reynolds-Smith

    Oh I am so appalled at your puppy story… glad to see that you have another little being to join your family!

  11. She’s so cute! I’m glad you found her and now have added her to the family.

    I’m late with the comment, I know, but being out of town, I’m not getting to the internet as much as normal. :)

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