Two Questions

I have two questions I’d like to run by the readers of this blog. One is a recent development, the other has been bugging me for years. I’d appreciate any help.

1. Is the correct saying ‘Up and Adam’? I always thought it was ‘Up and at ’em’, but I just read a book that used the first phrase.

2. Which movie can claim the quote: ‘My heart and my hips cry proceed.’

Please, people….help a girl out.

I have just discovered the elusive answer to #2. It’s not from a movie at all–it’s from a Simpsons episode–Doh! No wonder I can’t remember. It’s been a LONG, LONG, time since I’ve seen a Simpons episode. In case anyone’s curious, it’s from the episode where Marge takes bowling lessons from a French-accented Albert Brooks. Whew! What a load off my mind! Except that I’ve occasionally been heard jokingly quoting the Simpsons…

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  1. I have no idea with two- but I always thought it was up and at’ em. I will be very distraught if I’ve had this wrong all this time.

    What is Adam doing with it up for crying out loud?

  2. I’m with you on number one. No idea who Adam is or what he’s up to.

    As for number two, no clue. Sorry.

  3. I’ve always thought it was up & at ’em, but I might be wrong. However, I will never ever ever say up & Adam even if I am wrong.

  4. Was one of the character’s names Adam? I’m with everyone else on this…I thought it was up and at ’em.

    No idea on the other thing.

  5. Up and AT THEM.
    Or “at em.”
    Adam has nothign to do with it.

  6. Steve Malley

    Rainier Wolfcastleand his dialogue coach for his role as Radioactive Man had a similar disagreement:

    Coach: ‘Up and Atom!’
    Rainier: ‘Up and at them.’

    An answer wrapped in a Simpsons reference…

  7. Kate Diamond

    I agree with everyone else. “At Them” or “at ’em.” No Adam anywhere in there at all.

  8. I thought it was up and at ’em, too. Okay, now I’m curious and will have to Google it.

  9. It’s at’em. Like everyone is saying.

  10. Catherine Avril Morris

    Hee! This was a funny post! I definitely agree with all these “up and at ’em” posters. Maybe the book that had it as “up and Adam” was being ironic?? Somehow…?

  11. Bianca Reagan

    What catherine said. Maybe the phrase was used in a humorous manner because someone named Adam was involved.

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