A Fine Frenzy

I had to do a heinous amount of driving this weekend in my husband’s truck, and the only thing that made it somewhat pleasant was having the just-purchased A Fine Frenzy CD ride along with me. I stumbled over this CD on Amazon, looking for something else. It was in the ‘Customers who purchased this…’ display, so I listened to a few short clips. I don’t buy too many CD’s–really hardly any–but I decided this one had a special sort of sound. And now, having listened to it in its entirety a least three times, I must say, I’m completely hooked. The songs seem mysteriously unique, and I love the lyrics. And I can’t help but love the name of the band…A Fine Frenzy. It sounds British–the Brits make everything sounds good–and full of potential. Evidently the signature sound is ‘Hypnotic piano arrangements under classic American melody fused into irresistible, atmospheric songs’.
My favorite song (for now) is You Picked Me.

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  1. How do you normally choose your CDs?

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    I don’t, normally. But if I do, it’s because someone has recommended it or I’ve heard the band on TV or somewhere. Then I check it out on Amazon, read the reviews, listen to the audio clips, see if it might be worth shelling out the bucks. Pretty much the same thing I do when I hear about a book.

  3. Sounds like a really interesting CD! Quite frankly, I almost never purchase CDs and I don’t have an iPod, but I’m always on the lookout for bands or artists to add to my list should I ever get an iPod…

    Favorite song of the moment: Somebody by Bonnie McKee. It’s not new, but it’s just one of those songs I keep going back to. You can hear it on her website.

  4. what a great recommendation–you make it sound so enticing without pushing it. i will check it out!

  5. Kate Diamond

    Wow. What a compelling album cover! Now I am intrigued.

    So… here’s one of the questions I ask myself when I’m checking out albums: if this were the soundtrack for a movie, what would the movie be like?

  6. Catherine Avril Morris

    Amazon is weirdly good at that recommending-things-you-might-like thing. The other day they told me that customers who buy my friend Sherry Thomas’s book also buy one by Emily Bryan, whom I’d never heard of. But sure enough, I checked it out, and it’s really good! So I’m ordering it. Now I’m gonna go check out your CD on there. :)

  7. I love the British! God save the Queen! :)

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    It’s funny you should say that, Kate, because I think part of the reason I like You Picked Me so much is because I can envision it as part of the soundtrack for the novel I’m working on now.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Stephanie!

    And I’m constantly on Amazon checking out one think or another…

  9. Travis Erwin

    Sounds Like a cd my wife would enjoy. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Sorry about the heinous amount of driving! Your Actual Mama

  11. The CD sounds really cool and I love the cover. If it’s a new group (new to me)the cover usually is the first thing that gets me.

    I don’t buy many CD’s though. Still I love the fact that on Amazon you can listen to bits of it. Thanks for telling us about this one.

  12. That’s a great cover. I’ll check them out on iTunes. After Lent is over and I can shop again. :(

  13. Alyssa Goodnight

    I like the cover too, but mine doesn’t have this cover. I almost didn’t even find the CD at Borders because I was scanning for that bright yellow dress. On the CD I got, she’s standing in the woods wearing a tweedy plaid dress.

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