The regular party animal, I am blogging at 10:30 on New Years Eve, and all I can say is that I’m so thankful that my husband is so creative. Very creative–way more creative than me. My sons’ birthdays are coming up, and I just wanted to do a simple, laid-back party at our neighborhood park. I thought we’d have some games or sports or whatever, let all those boys run and run and run, fill them up with ice cream and cake, and send them on their merry (rowdy, hopped-up) way. But my husband took things one step further…

Now the party theme is to be a Junior Olympics, with teams and activities loosely based on Olympic events (i.e. discus with an enormous frisbee, archery with a bow that shoots marshmallows, basketball, a relay race, etc.) So now we’re thinking up team names, logistics, and party bag goodies. So far I’m thinking some sort of Earth ball, a medal, and some gold and silver wrapped bubblegum coins. My idea for the cake is a selection of cupcakes arranged as Olympic rings, frosted in white and edged in the colors of the Olympic rings.

So now…who among you is as creative as my husband? Who has further, stellar ideas to make this the party to remember among the six and eight-year-old sets? Bring ’em, people.

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  1. I think vaguely international snacks would help set the right kind of mood… maybe hanging paper flags from different countries around… sorting the kids into different teams named after countries… make sure you have a set of steps for the medal ceremonies…
    Other game ideas: potato sack race, long jump, a marathon around your block. If you have snow, a bobsled event is fun.
    Goody bag things – sunglasses, stickers of flags from other countries, gold chocolate coins made into olympic medals…

  2. That sounds amazing! Your kids are so lucky :-)

    (Thanks for your comment, btw!)

  3. No ideas…. just popped by to say Happy New Year and may 2008 bring you everything you wish for!!!

  4. I think your husband rocks, big time for thinking of and doing this part of the party. 😀

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