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Okay…so apparently Beck is the only one suited to speaking authoritatively on kids’ birthdays. (Thanks, Beck!) No problem–we’ll wing it. And now, just as I suspected as I tried to come up with ideas and get myself together before Christmas, this birthday party is coming up fast. Guess what my side-project for the next couple of weeks will be….(!)

It was my husband’s first day back to work today after being off for a week and a half, and he didn’t like it one bit. I was also back to work in that I was packing away all the Christmas decorations (ugh!) Tomorrow it’s back to work for real–Mother’s Day Out is back in session! I think it’ll be just a little painful. These kids have been at home with their moms for two and a half weeks, so I think there might just be a few with some traumatic separation anxiety. Looking on the bright side…maybe they’ve all potty-trained themselves over the holiday (and taught themselves to aim accurately).

I still haven’t gotten back into the writing yet–today was exhaustingly busy–but I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the book–I figure that counts for something. And besides, my Christmas present to myself is a few more days with which to devote my spare time to reading. I’ve finished up Marked by Moonlight (really enjoyed it) and started on Blind Submission, which I am lov-ing! So, off to read a bit more before bedtime!

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  1. If you ever need help planning a tiara theme party, I will be great help. Olympics was my favorite game to play when I was a kid but I can’t remember exactly what was so cool about it. Yes, I’m helpful. Here’s hoping the mother’s day out kids are potty trained!

  2. Happy new year, Alyssa! Good luck with the party.

  3. Sally Lawton

    Happy New Year. What a great plan, more time for reading! I’ll definitely check out the books you mentioned too :-)

  4. So glad I’m not the only one who counts thinking about my book as actually working on it!

  5. I hate putting away Christmas decorations. My best friend doesn’t put any up for that very reason! :) She’s such a Scrooge! Happy 2008!

  6. I’m putting away our christmas stuff tomorrow. I love taking it out, but putting away…ugh!

    Hope you have a great day at Mother’s day out and the kids come back potty trained. 😀

  7. Thinking TOTALLY counts. I find some of the really tricky plot bits work out if I let it stew in my brain a bit before trying to get it on the page

  8. susanhatler

    Reading sounds like heaven. I’m gonna pick up Extras this weekend (the 4th in the Uglies series). Can’t wait to read it. Happy New Year!

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