Update: No one new potty-trained; aim not noticably improved.
Younger son’s broken arm is now completely healed, but next week he’s going to have to have a crown put on a decaying baby tooth. I’m already feeling queasy about it.

In other news, my husband bought me a Roomba. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a little robot vacuum cleaner that runs by itself on carpeted and uncarpeted floors. He came home with it before Christmas, and at first I imagined it was my gift–let me just interject here that while normally I would not even consider a household appliance to be an acceptable gift, this I would have embraced with open arms–but it wasn’t!!! It was…just because! So now, I’m pulling this thing out at the drop of a hat and sending it on it’s merry way around the house. Meanwhile…I can do anything else I want! It’s almost like I have a little tiny maid that performs only one task with brisk, if somewhat noisy efficiency. I’m just a little bit in love. Today it went under my couch–whoever vaccuums under there???–now Roomba does.

My sons love it and being the Star Wars aficionados that they are, they call it Mouse Droid. My older son barely spared enough time to be impressed by it before asking if we could get other ones that did other things. His suggestion: a painting droid that would glide, loaded with paint, up and down the walls of our house. I cringe just thinking about that possibility. I’m happy with Mouse.

At this rate I should be able to crank out a book in no time, right?

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  1. How wonderful! I looked at those before Christmas but wasn’t quite in my budget right now. I’m a little bit jealous. :-)

  2. I’d love to have the painting one! Hee Hee! I hate to paint, and I hate to pay others to paint, but a roomba like painting machine, that would totally ROCK!

    Too funny

  3. Sally Lawton

    I want one!! What a great invention. :-)

  4. This reminded me when Rory went to college & she & Lorelai sat on the phone watching their roombas vacuum

  5. The painting one sounds pretty brilliant.
    I want a roomba. I think it would scare my cats.

  6. Kate Diamond

    The roomba sounds awesome!

    To my despair, I have found that whenever one chore disappears (hurray! The Fiance does all of our laundry!) another one rises to take its place.

    Am I really this busy, or am I just inventing reasons not to write?

  7. Are they safe for hardwood floors? If yes, I want one. Now.

  8. Oh, how nifty! I’m waiting for the Jetson-style Rosie robot maid to come on the market, though. I need a LOT of help.

  9. Alyssa Goodnight

    I don’t remember the ‘Roomba episode’ of the Gilmore Girls…

    And Barrie, although we have no hardwood floors on which to test Mouse, my husband says the reviews of the Roomba’s performance on them was quite favorable.

  10. My mum got one at Christmas as well! We sat there watching it for about 30 minutes. Great lil’ thing. It had issues getting up on one of our carpets (I guess it’s thick?) and it still spits up leaves like all the other vacuums…but oh so fun!

    And have you heard it go “uh oh!” yet? :)

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