Just Wow!

I had a lovely lunch out with friends yesterday–the usual suspects in the group are three women with whom I have the common denominator of only boy children. Yesterday another friend came along–she’s the mother of two girls and a boy. It was me, a friend and her seven-month-old little boy, a friend and her three-month-old little boy, and the ‘mother of girls’. (My third friend, mother of boys, showed up a little late from a doctor’s appointment with her three-year old little boy.)

The first announcement came quickly. The mother of girls is pregant, due in August. I suddenly felt a little outnumbered. Then my friend showed up from the doctor. Turns out it was the obstetrician, and she’s pregnant too, due in August! So now I’m sitting there with two pregnant women, two babies, a toddler, and two new moms. The two new moms are focused on baby products, doctor visits, etc. The two expectant moms are comparing due dates and whatever else. I’m sitting there focused on my grilled chicken alfredo hoping none of it is contagious! Just wow!

This is even more interesting to me because almost a year and a half ago, I had a Girls’ Night Out and posted this:

I was shocked to discover that all three of them were considering having another baby. They all wanted to try for a girl (even though, of course, they would love a boy). I was the only hold-out. I figure I have enough to deal with two rowdy, rambunctious boys, and fate would probably deal me another, leading to deeper, more prevalent forehead wrinkles, and many more premature gray hairs. Oddly enough, all three of them told me that they felt sure, certain, that if I tried again, I’d have a girl.

Based on what?! That just sounded totally ridiculous to me.

Anyway, when I got home, I was telling my husband a bit about the evening (a discussion of elephants, pole-dancing, carbohydrates after 3pm…), and I mentioned how they all wanted to try for a another baby. I told him that sounded like a great idea for a book–four women get together for a GNO, three decide to try for another baby, and the fourth gets pregnant. I thought the friendship dynamic would be great. He says, “I don’t like this idea at all.” No creative vision, I tell you.

So, current count: all three went for it, two boys so far, third baby is unconfirmed.

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  1. Don’t you want to be part of the group? I think you should try for a girl. 😉

  2. I actually think that sounds like a really fun book…. in the last three months, TEN of my friends have had babies. Whoo, that’s a lot of newborns.

  3. my parents kept trying for a girl, which is why I have four of my brothers 😛

  4. Travis Erwin

    Peer pressure is an evil thing. Do not succumb to it. :)

    I too have two boys and I fully understand how that is enough.

  5. Too funny…clearly you can’t trust what you’re friends say about having a girl! :) Just think of how (relatively) nice and relaxed you’ll be while they’re all dealing with non-sleeping newborns!

  6. That made me laugh, because that is so writerly–to take anything and think about how to turn it into a book premise! I love it. As for trying for another, I understand your horror at the thought. My mother always said she had two kids–one for each hand when crossing the street.

  7. susanhatler

    Sounds like a fun book, Alyssa. You should totally write it! I’d buy a copy :-)

  8. Alyssa, I think you’re going to have to throw your hat in the ring!

  9. Funny. My sister had two boys and went for the girl and now has three rowdy boys all with names that begin with B. I call them the “killer Bs.”

    Hee Hee!

  10. Kate Diamond

    That does sound like a fun book!

    As for trying again… well, my brother and his wife just had IDENTICAL TRIPLET BOYS last year. And then they didn’t listen when they were told that she’d be very fertile… and so now they’ll be having a girl in about a month.

    My thoughts? My poor, unborn niece is never going to get a chance to date!

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