Dear Reader

I’ve only made two resolutions:
1. Finish this book by School’s Out, and to do that
2. Write at least two hours every day. So…if I only have two hours on the computer, and I’m writing…the math requires that I don’t blog…or visit.

Which is all very sad. But I really need to pick up the pace here. Enough of this lolly-gagging. I have stories that need to be written. (See previous post).

So, to sum up, I’m writing and the blog must bear the brunt of the time constraints. But I’m still here, will visit when I can. Please be patient with me.

Your blogging friend,

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  1. Ok, I can accept that you’ll be writing instead of blogging…but I can only accept that under one condition: That you post more often than I have in the past! Once a month would definitely NOT be acceptable. :)

  2. Understandable. Good luck finishing. We’ll be here when you get back. :)

  3. Do what you need to do! Always. Best to you.

  4. Sally Lawton

    I understand completely. Have fun writing and look forward to hearing of your progress :-)

  5. Kate Diamond

    Hey, good job for you!

    But I know you’re a fellow Anne-fanatic, so you may want to blog about this before signing off (I know I just did)…

    they’re releasing a prequel to the Anne series on February 21st.

    Happy writing!

  6. OH GUESS WHAT? I’m in a book sharing group of SAHM and I got passed your book this time around. With a note on the inside that said, “To The Next SAHM…this book is EXCELLENT! I read parts out loud to my husband and he wanted me to keep going….ENJOY” SOOOOO awesome.

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    I appreciate all your words of encouragement and don’t plan to be away completely. This blog is sort of an outlet for me, so I’ll definitely be here every week.

    And Kelley–that IS awesome! Made my day! I hope you enjoy it too. Just as I hope that effusive SAHM is right now telling all her friends! 😉 Thank you for letting me know!

  8. susanhatler

    Write away, Alyssa!

  9. I’ll miss your blogs, but totally understand. I can’t wait to read it so writing instead of blogging is a good thing. :)

  10. I so admire your restraint. And need to do the same. Thanks for the reminder…here’s to tons of great writing getting done :)

  11. Amanda Brice

    You can do it!

  12. Good luck, Alyssa! Sometimes you have to be tough to get your writing time in. Congratulations on having the resolve.

  13. Completely understandable. Good luck!

  14. liz fenwick

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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