The Wealth and Mysteries of Amazon

I’ve discovered a very interesting discussion thread on Amazon in the ‘Romance’ forum…

Pause here for a digression…

I should admit here that I’m on Amazon all the time. For the obvious reasons: being a book-lover, book-buyer, browser, shopper, etc. But also because right now–three years later–it’s the only place my book is still available. Or at least the only storefront with any visibility at all. As the distributor of a self-published book, I sell UP on Amazon Marketplace and can keep track of day-to-day sales simply using the ranking.

You may have lost interest by now, but I find the whole Amazon system fascinating. Particularly as a few months ago my sales shot up. I say ‘shot up’, but I’m using the term loosely–it is, after all, three years later. I couldn’t figure out why my sales in recent months had increased significantly–I still can’t. But you can bet I’m keeping close tabs on my ranking. My best guess is actually the avalanche effect–that someone buys, then someone else sees the ‘This Customer Also Purchased:’, or else they see stellar percentage under ‘What Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing Items Like This:’ I wish I had some insights…and I solicit anyone with any info to fill me in…please! My husband joked that My Biggest Fan: my MIL was probably buying a copy every now and then to boost my spirits. And let me just say that that casual comment freaked me out. I’ve since decided that she isn’t. And if she is, well I’m blissfully ignorant.

Digression complete…back to the original post…

Anyway, there’s a forum called, ‘Dear Author: Please DON’T’, and it’s comments from readers on what specifically they’d like to not see in romance novels. Fascinating reading (at least for a romance novelist). Just a sampling:

> ‘write in first person. i hate that. i also hate time travel.’

> ‘invent heroines who are so small that they fit under the hero’s chin, armpit or come to his waist … real-sized men and women please.’

> ‘make the hero drink the heroine’s breastmilk’

> ‘write another hero with a scar that bisects one of his eyebrows (honestly-how often can that happen?)’

Okay…I have to get some real work done–go read the forum for more!

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  1. Christine d'Abo

    That is hilarious! Some of my heroes are quite tall…but they are aliens so I think I’m okay. All my women and men are pretty average height. :)

    Very cool link.

  2. I can’t get over the drinking breastmilk one…

  3. I’m an Amazon addict too!
    Btw, I’ve just tagged you!

  4. Waaaait. Breastmilk drinking? In romance novels?

  5. Curses! I’ve just spent a half hour there, and I’m still not done!

  6. Lol, I’ve got a scar that bisects my eyebrow!

    Breast milk…ick.

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