The Saga Continues…Starting tomorrow

I’m taking a break from cooking and cleaning to post about the continuation of The Saga of the Fourth of July. If you missed it the first time or just want to refresh your memory so you’re ready for the upcoming installment, go here.

In just a few short days, I’m going to be up at the lake again, potentially sharing the same house with my SIL. Although it’s possible I won’t (be sharing, that is). She’s already in town, which, by her rule would put her in the bedroom with the queen bed, leaving the bi-level trundles for my husband and I. But!…my in-laws have purchased the house across the street and been frantically remodeling with a deadline of Dec. 18–the arrival date of my SIL. It’s been delayed slightly, but is supposed to be done today. So…where will she be when we arrive? Anybody’s guess. Will the weekend be tension-filled and bordering on the brink of an all out cat-fight? Stay-tuned.

In other news, I’m dragging my boys to the dentist today. The older one just lost a tooth that was getting pushed out by the humongous big-boy tooth, and now my husband has hypothesized (to him) that he might have to have the adjacent one pulled. This is only days after warning him that he’d most likely have to have that baby one pulled if he didn’t work it out of there himself. I can’t say how much I appreciate his contribution. My little one has a cavity they’ve been watching and is now worried he’ll have to get a shot so they can deal with it. Oh, and he wants a gold filling, because in his words, “I’d look good with it.”

Back to work…

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  1. Alright your kid is getting a Grill…I think that is what it’s called when you get all those gold teeth in the front.

  2. The gold tooth should give you and your SIL something interesting to talk about :)

    Hang in there and good luck a the lake house!

  3. I hope the lake visit goes more smoothly than you’re anticipating. Who wants that kind of tension at Christmas! And good luck at the dentist! (We’re going the week after Christmas.)

  4. If SIL gets the nice room again two words, short sheeting

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